Banjo #006 - "The Hoot"

11" x 1/4" 12-ply pot with walnut rim-cap, rolled brass tone ring, 25.5" scale length, T2024aluminum neck reinforcement, 3-piece claro walnut neck with maple center strip and frailing scoop, Dobson-style heel, hand-rubbed oil and beeswax finish, burled walnut peghead overlay with "Hoot" inlay from a drawing by Ruthy Merenda, Macassar ebony fingerboard, hand-made notched antiqued brass tension hoop, antiqued raw-brass hardware, antiqued raw- brass Gotoh tuners, water buffalo horn nut, goatskin head.

This Banjo was given to a raffle during The Hoot Festival. We raised over $3,000 to benefit the Ashokan Center! 

Very special thanks go to Bill Rickard and Sean Sewell at Rickard Banjos for donating the rim hardware and to Bob Smakula of Smakula Fretted Instruments for donating the Gotoh tuners.

Here's Cathy Fink playing The Hoot at The Hoot festival.